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copyright issues

(not sure where to post this....)

how dangerous is it to do cosplay fursuits and such?

after browsing ebay i certainly feel more confident i would not get in trouble considering how many knock offs there are for sale on a regulated site like that including nearly direct copies of micky mouse, chip and dael and scooby doo.
plus in the toy department at various stores i see such things as "rainbow ponies" "tiny pet store" "feelings bears" and i kid you not "pumpkin patch kids" which are almost the spitting image of cabbage patch kids.

so really how high are the risks of getting in trouble? and what would happen if some one did try to snag you for copyright infringement?

well i for one can hardly pass on every cosplay commission inqury i get as i myself started with cosplay animals...

so i am being sneaking with 2 cosplay commissions and playing it safe in that i found a way to do the commissions and get around the copyright issues

 one is the ever so popular Red XIII character (nintendo kid here so i never played the game its from) i am making the commissioner a "deep red puma with a blind eye" the commissioner will then add the distigusing features (feathers, hair, shackles, tattoos) once she gets the costume. no one can pin me for a generic animal and i know that making cosplay costumes for personal use is okay (and is also why cosplay contest prizes are gift cards or merchandize cause then you get past the "profiting off a copyrighted character" issue)

the other costume is Gatomon, i will be making a "white toony cat fursuit with purple stripes", the commissioner will add the tiger striped glove-type hand paws, the huge claws and the purple ear/tail tufts that define the character. 

this won't work for everything, i mean it'd be hard to try and pass off a sonic costume for a generic animal as the characters features are physically to stylized, or a pikachu for that matter.

anyway what are your opninions on the cosplay fursuit issue? too risky? is being "sneaky" like i am looked down upon?
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