Imagination at it's finest (dragontrap) wrote in fursuitauctions,
Imagination at it's finest

Relisting fur for sale

Because I have not gotten a response regarding the sale of some fur (last I heard from the person was the 23rd of May), I am relisting everything. I will only accept Paypal for these because money orders have not worked out (this is why I am relisting the fur and no longer accepting money orders). All prices listed include the paypal fee that I get charged for accepting funds. Anything that has obo (or best offer) listed next to it means I am willing to accept other prices if you make me a good offer.

Ferret Fur: (Medium pile) Soft and fluffy, 64" long, 35" wide at the widest part (there is a cut out on one end where a tail was made), Asking $38 obo + shipping

Red and black spotted velvet fur - (Micropile) 3 full yards, asking $38 obo + shipping (Originally I paid $20 per yard)

Soft and slinky Spotted Feline fur: (Short pile), 2 full yards, Asking $39 obo + shipping

Grab box Wide - (box is stuffed) Various fur, 9high x 14wide x 11deep, asking $38 + shipping

Thank you so much for looking and please do take these off my hands. I need to get rid of them for an up and coming move, so I need the space and the funds all at the same time
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