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Pastel Yellow Rabbit Faux Fur PREORDERS AND IsqueakyPinky Fursuit for SALE


Taking preorders for this pastel yellow rabbit faux fur for 6 days,

This is new rabbit fur in a soft baby yellow color. Again, the baby yellow which is much prettier than any picture can capture. It is supersoft and very dense with guardhairs. Pile is about 1".

The preorder prices:
1 yard will be $21 per yard
2-3 yards will be $20 per yard
4-5 yards will be $19 per yard
5+ will be $18 per yard

Once preorders are over retail price will be $31 per yard.

Allowing 6 days for preorder, this fur will be 100% ordered no matter how many preorders we have. There is a MAX of 40 yards in total of this faux fur. After 6 days, the fur will be ordered and is expected to be processed within one week and shipping to my location. You will 100% recive your preordered fabric before the end of November.

You are expected to pay right away for your preorder, shipping will not be included. Once the fur is on hand, an email will be sent to your paypal email asking what shipping you would like and the prices for each and then another shipping invoice will be sent.

For preorders you can order them via email, just email goldencat423@gmail will the quanitity youd like and your paypal email. OR VIA ETSY HERE


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YAS. I am SO excited for this fur! My friend and I bought some! :)