bumblespool (bumblespool) wrote in fursuitauctions,

Looking to commission: Head bases

Alright I got a couple of items from my last post but I am still interested in getting some head bases done! Can be foam, resin or a blend of both. I'm asking for bases and not a completely finished head this time around because my friend wants to work on her sewing/shaving skills and I want to support her (and what I'd like made she's not confident she can do the base of)!
The head shape/design isn't complicated but it's not a simple dog or fox either. Would anyone be willing to make a base or two for me or would you happen to know of someone you could link me to? Please pass this on to them or give me an email to message. Price isn't a concern I'm just looking for the right artist who could do this.

Thank you!
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