goldencat22 (goldencat22) wrote in fursuitauctions,

FURDIVINTY Kanecaron Luxary Fox Faux Fur ORDERS OPEN

Hello everyone,
FurDivinty is open for orders on these extremely soft and high quality faux furs! FurDivinty is starting faux fur small business made up of 2 fursuit makers, we aim to get our unique and different faux furs into the community!

For more information and on ordering go here:

Pictures of these luxurious faux furs can be found below!
Currently our stock is small, so if you order first you faux furs can be shipped out immediately, this counts for all those who grab our stock before it runs out, otherwise if you order later you may find yourself having to wait a smidgen longer on delivery due to preorder, so get yours asap!

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