Featherbutt (spades_wolf) wrote in fursuitauctions,

Huge Clean Out Sale! - Rare skull blank included in this sale!

So I need a cleaner fursuit work room, and a lot of this stuff is just collecting dust. If you want to see any more pictures of anything please let me know. If you would like to purchase several things I will work on a shipping discount/discount in general.

Unfinished FoxFairy Head - $110 + Shipping OBO

I bought this a while back, never got around to using it. It only needs to have the pieces sewn together for the back of the head, the ears sewn on, and fabric put in the eyes. (And some type of nose, plus misc touches) This is a great opportunity for a new suit maker to learn the ropes!
Should fit 23" heads.
ASKING $110 + Shipping OBO

Fixer Upper Gryphon Head - From Anthrocon 2014 - $100 OBO + Shipping

I bought this head at Anthrocon 2014 when the National Aviary was the charity. Unfortunately I paid over 400 for the head, and it was very poor quality. Seams popped, the face was not great, and I was going to refurbish him. However, with commissions I don't have time. I would prefer if someone else gave him new life.

Asking $100 OBO + Shipping

Black Bird Tail by Nevask - $60 + Shipping

Nothing wrong with this guy! I just don't have a use for him. I believe I paid either 75 or 80.

Asking $60 + Shipping

RARE PhazonAlloy skull blank + Jaw set/teeth - $175 OBO + Shipping

This is one of PhazonAlloy's skull blanks that are no longer available. Their mold ripped, so who knows when this will be available again! Comes with the jawset/teeth for it. It has been cut.

Asking $175 OBO + Shipping

Big cat resin bases - $10 + Shipping each

I made these a while back and have several of them. Only asking a small amount for these.

Asking $10 each + Shipping (Can also ask for one with another purchase, but you will pay a little extra on shipping)

Beige resin bird beak - $20 + Shipping

A resin bird beak made by me, could be used on a suit.

Asking $20 + Shipping.

Lion head + tail - Asking $75 + Shipping

Made by me. Just really want it gone. Make an offer.

Asking $75 OBO + Shipping.

Green tail - Asking $10 + shipping

Basic green tail - Asking $10 + Shipping

Yaki pony - Asking $5 + shipping OR free with another purchase!

If you'd like to see any more pictures or want to contact me my e-mail is Taylor_Carroll@ymail.com and my FA is Furaffinity.net/user/featherbutt

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