springmoone (springmoone) wrote in fursuitauctions,

Major Destash Sale #1

I am moving overseas for an extended period of time, therefore it's time for a major destash. Since there will be a lot of items, I'll be splitting the sale into more than one post. If you want to buy from more than one post, I can hold off calculating on shipping until the end of the sale.

Because I will be leaving the USA at the beginning of September, I can't accept returns or exchanges. Everything posted is sold as-is. I am open to giving a discount for those who would like to purchase multiple items.

Priority goes to people who contact me via email. My email is foxfairy@gmail.com

Paypal only, to foxfairy@gmail.com

1) MM Red Fox, 4 Yards - $80 Claimed

2) MM Fox Style Dark Gray, 5 yards - $35/yd Claimed

3) Ruby Red Short Pile, very soft 1" pil, 2.25 yards - $35 Claimed

4) DF Gold, Same texture as DF but golden, 4 yards- $80 Claimed

5) Ticked Brown Fur, 1" pile, two big pieces, each roughly one yard - $20

6) Baby Blue "rabbit" style fur, 1"pile, 5 yards - $50 Claimed

7) DF Purple, just under 1 yard - $12

8) DF Purple, 36x26" piece, $5

9) DF Lavender, Large irregular piece - $10

10) DF Lavender, roughly half a yard - $7

11) White / Dark Gray - 2" pile, matches the Fox style dark gray - $25 ($20 with purchase of dark gray) Claimed

12) Arctic Fox Black - 35x54" - $20

13) Green Foam, 60x24", small  ear sized chunk cut out - $10 -FREE WITH PURCHASE OF TWO ITEMS!
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