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Enquiry regarding possible mascot

Heya people!

When the Amarok(1) team started talking about getting a mascot suit made for marketing purposes, i started looking around for options, and this Friday (yes, i know it's very short notice and i apologise profusely) we will have a meeting in the marketing group.

What we would need done is either a partial, or a full suit with a simple body (so a partial with a simple, unpadded body), of a wolf with blue fur. The exact colours aren't specified yet, we are working on a slight change in that, but for a preliminary price that one wouldn't be so important anyway, right?

The design of the wolf in question only exists as an icon, but that one can be found here in a high quality version: http://leinir.dk/temp/amarok_icon.png

So, what i'm asking on behalf of the developer squad (and i know this is short notice) is price estimations for those combinations. That is, an estimate for a partial suit (head, tail and paws), and one for a full fursuit (without padding).

i hope this has sparked somebody's interest!

(1) Amarok's a music player for KDE the development of which i am involved with since a couple of years now. http://amarok.kde.org/

Additional information

http://rokymotion.pwsp.net/wiki/Meetings/2007-06-15 contains the outcome of the meeting. The appropriate section is right at the bottom: "buy a wolf-costume for Amarok? not yet because it is to expensive right now - maybe later. leinir has offered to pay half the price for the costume."

It is great to have all your estimates to work from! But... it would seem that for the moment, people aren't up for it yet. Luckily it seem that "yet" is the code-word here, though ;)
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