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Friday, July 21st, 2017

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Realistic Rat Fursuit for Sale

I unfortunately must sell my incredible rat fursuit by Eddie-Ka/feralfacade.

I have thoroughly cleaned and refurbished this costume so it looks and wears like it were new! Check out the auction! Low starting bid!

Digi rainbow wolf suit EMERGENCY AUCTION
Hello, all,
I am selling my fullsuit on Ebay and I was hoping someone here would be interested or could help spread the word.

"hi, i am selling my digitigrade fullsuit. it is of a white wolf with bright color airbrushed on the fur and a pink stomach and hair (those parts are sewn on). i am not sure of the original creator as i purchased this suit a long time ago.
this suit was originally purchase as a personal project, and is therefore in the middle of being refurbished. i must sell it for i no longer have room for it as i am moving to a different state soon. therefore, when bidding, keep in mind some parts of the suits are in desperate need of TLC including new airbrushing, shaving down or refurring, or adding new foam. i am not the original maker."

I have photos here

ebay listing >>here

thank you for looking :-) i need this suit gone asap so i hope someone here is interested

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