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Monday, November 21st, 2016

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Raccoon Fursuit for Sale! Ends Thanksgiving 7pm!

This gorgeous friend is a North American Raccoon fursuit I have lovingly handcrafted!

This fully featured costume is artist designed and is a wonderful piece of luxurious, comfortable, wearable art. A handsome combination of greys, browns, black and white. So many details have been included with great care to create this unique and adorable character. And guess what?


It is for auction here: https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/raccoon-fursuit-made-by-matrices/124094 Auction ends Thursday Nov 24, at 7pm pacific time. That’s Thanksgiving!

It is not often that I list a costume for public sale. I do not create custom client-designed fursuit heads, so this is a rare opportunity you have to take home a piece of my costume art. If you admire my work and want to get your hands on a full costume I have created, now is the time to place your bid! You can even have it in time for MFF!

If you’re unable to bid, or out of your budget, that’s OK – I’d love it if you shared the auction link with your friends! Thank you! :D

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