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Everything needs to go! Clearout sale!

everything must go LOTS OF FREEBIES

I am probably going to sign a 2 year contract with my company, so that means a lot of my furs and stuff won't get used for quite a while/if ever. So I'd like to get rid of as much as possible. This is a 24hr sale, I'd like to see everything gone by the end of Monday. Payment must be immediate since I'm only in the USA for a little while and I'd like to get as much moved out as possible. Every $30 you spend, choose a freebie. There's a good chance you'll get additional freebies as I continue to go through my stuff. Willing to haggle. Everything as-is. No returns, no refunds, I won't be in the country to handle it.

In addition to the listed items, I'm selling two 10x13x14 boxes of assorted NFT fur, at 6 big (1sq ft +) pieces per box, plus a random gift of my choice. These boxes are $100+shipping each.

I also have a box of Rebound-25, unopened, purchased last summer, $20 or free with $100+ purchase.

Local, NY Pickup: All kinds of free fabric scraps available, good for crafts and kids stuff.

Contact me here or via email at foxfairy@gmail.com Email gets priority! Paypal only.

See all images and prices here: http://imgur.com/a/aL8UP

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