Clockmagic (clockmagic) wrote in fursuitauctions,

Looking to Buy: Resin bases for sale/trade?

Honestly I'm not sure what I'm looking for but I'm interested in some resin bases. I like toony bases but I equally enjoy realistic foxes and felines! Ceratinly welcome the lesser common sorts out there too and unless they are crow-like in beak shape, no avains in mind. They do not have to be cut or hinged if they're not.

I also have resin bases (mostly realistic: If anyone is also looking around. Half are cut/hinged.) I'm willing to sell or trade if there is an interest in them. I'll see if I can trace back who made them first before I get ahead of myself there, but I know I have a Faru(?) canine, Crystumes wolf, Sharpie Dragon, and the rest I need to look up (sorry.). They're mostly various shapes and forms of foxes, dogs, wolves, with a few felines and dragons.
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