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Anubis fursuit head and a wolf/coyote tail for sale

Ok, I have the Anubis fursuit head up for sale, I will get to the tan and white husky head soon.

Information under cut.
I'm reposting the same info as in the auction, simply because it didn't like my formatting... so now it's all scrambled into one big paragraph.

Also, on some strong advice given to me, I ended up changing the price from previous - though previous mentioned numbers was an uneducated (and unconfident) range guess. x_x



This is a fursuit head for Anubis, Egyptian jackal god of Embalming - not just your average fox, wolf or dog. Here he sports the Eye of Horus, or 'Wedjet' in shining gold - a symbol that wards off evil and is a symbol of protection.

Anubis is also though to have guided and protected the souls of the dead on the path to the 'weighing of the heart' - a judgment of all the good and bad they have done in their life - to decide their soul's fate to either live in a city amongst the gods and goddesses, or to be thrown to the demons.

This was a personal head, but I'd LOVE to see this head loved and put to good use! I'd really like this to go somewhere where it will be appreciated and well loved!

$15 shipping, anywhere in the US
$25 shipping to Canada

I take paypal only.

You can see a video of this head and it's jaw workability, here, also:

Balaclava base, foam built, buckram vision under glass eyes and a (rather awesome) moving jaw.

Gold hat in photo WILL be included.
I WILL include the gold leafing paint pen used on this head for touch ups (since it's so specific a type of paint that gives it it's bright metallic shine).

Glass eyes, seal black faux fur, pleather nose, pleather eyelids, sculpy teeth, foamy tongue. Eye of Horus painted on with an 18k gold leafing paint pen.

Hat: Made of a gold taffeta-type of material and hand made without pattern. It's in no way a professional grade hat, I just made it in spur of the moment at the last minute.

Gold paint: I have left the top half of the eye un-repainted. If you would like me to go over the top of the eye with fresh paint, please email me with the request. However, from experience with it both freshly over the eye and not, it looks better on only the lower half of the eyes in gold.
The gold fades with a lot of handling and brushing, but can be reapplied to fix. I will add the original leafing pen for the winner for their own desired touch ups.

Lightly worn: It was made as a personal head and worn once for a few hours for 2008 Halloween, as well as for fitting during making and for examples for the auction.

PLEASE NOTE: This was built for a smaller person's head.
FITS 22"-23" (circumference) HEADS

More images:
Open Mouth
Eye of Horus closeup
Without hat
Profile/Side view
Worn as a partial To give you a more complete idea. (HAND/FEET PAWS AND TAIL NOT FOR SALE.)

Lower jaw dips a tiny bit - however, it's not terrible, at all, and the movement in the working jaw is great. Some glue on the ears in an original attempt to close over seams. Not easily visible in photos. Has some seams thanks to the short fur.
It's ready to wear, also, so it doesn't NEED to be changed - only on winner's preference at their own discretion.

Also, I'm selling a grey, tan and black wolf/coyote tail - 26", polyfilled

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