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    Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
    5:05 pm
    Only 2 slots open for custom fursuits; Opening May 15th!

    Looking to have a fursuit made specifically for you? "Suits by Shark" is finally opening up again on May 15th!
    I am opening up for only 2 more commissions, so be sure to submit a quote form as soon as possible to secure a spot!

    Not sure what you'd like? Choose an "Artistic Liberty" fursuit! 
    ~An "Artistic Liberty" suit is a "mystery" fursuit that you may give small details 
    for [ie. "Big cat, angry expression, don't use the color pink!"] and name what features you'd like, and 
    you will be receive a custom-made surprise suit!

    We offer a variety of features, such as:

    - Wonderful moving jaws; very hard to find in toony suits!!
    - Following eyes
    - Digitigrade padding
    - Full hair
    - Markings // Tattoos
    - XL tail //Multiple tails
    - Wings
    - Indoor Feetpaws
    - Drop-crotch Padding
    - A variety of styles, such as general "Toony", "Feminine", and "Kemono//Anime-style" features!

    - Much much more!

    ~ We also offer simple, easy payment plans!

    "Suits by Shark" is eagerly awaiting to bring your unique character to life!

    Click for more details!Collapse )
    Monday, May 4th, 2015
    8:44 pm
    Husky partial for auction, ends Saturday!

    For auction is one cute husky! It is an older fursuit I refurbished into a new character, and now looking for a wonderful new home!!
    Comes with head, handpaws, arm and leg sleeves, tail, footpaws, a balaclava.

    More photos and detail shots can be found here:

    Monday, April 27th, 2015
    12:09 am
    Black and Grey Clawed Handpaws!
    I have a really nice new pattern I developed that I was excited to try out and I recently finished up this fabulous paw set. I am really proud of how it turned out!

    They are a pattern that features stubby fingers and claws as the digits, so they are able to be manipulated individually.

    They are up for auction (or available for buy it now!) until April 30

    I hope everyone has an awesome day, thanks for looking. :D
    Monday, April 13th, 2015
    12:39 pm
    ONE Special Fursuit Commission Open!
    Hey folks!

    I'm in the final stretch of my Indiegogo campaign to help me get back home to help my family while my mom battles cancer. As part of my campaign, I'm offering one partial fursuit commission (as well as many other perks).

    Please check it out here, and if you could help spread the word I would be eternally grateful! -

    The fursuit can be toony or realistic and will consist of the head, hands, feet, and tail. Arm sleeves could be added as well. I prefer a little artistic liberty but if you have something specific in mind, run it by me - I might like it!

    This is the LAST time I'm taking commissions for anything fursuit or art related for a long time. After my backlog I will be concentrating on building up a portfolio and pursuing my own artistic visions. :)


    no title

    Thank you for looking! Please email with any questions -

    Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
    6:02 pm
    Hello all!

    I am seeking someone to let out a fursuit body for me. I'd guess it's a size 5 - 7 or so, and I'm a 16ish, so it's way, way, way too small! Luckily, the height is just fine. :)

    This is the suit: behind the cutCollapse )

    Furs are all easily available punky muppet type stuff, except the shorter fur the in the middle, but I can ask the maker what it is if you need to use that as well! I have no idea how much a project like this should cost but was hoping to pay in the $150 - $200 range--please let me know if this is not reasonable! Can provide DTD. Would like this done by AC (mid-July).

    Edit: Scratch that - now I DO have an idea how much this would cost and I can see that my offer was way, way, WAY too low. I will look into getting a whole new body made instead! Thank you to those who offered input, I appreciate it!
    Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
    1:03 pm
    Custom purple scaled suit up for commission

    I have this rare bubble fur, never had my hands on the likes of it before (and it makes me so giddy to have it!) Like other bubble furs it still has the mesh between the bubbles for that added blast of fresh air blowing through the suit but the mesh does not show, it is a beautiful color with a nice meandering variation in the placement of the 2 shades, and the bubbles are half the size of the bubbles on past "bubble fur scale suits" so it has an even better scaled look.
    I am open for making a dragon, an angel dragon, a kirin, a longma, or some made up fantasy full artistic liberty species I get to pop out of my brain. The only requirement is it be a fullsuit with a dragon-type tail to show off the bubble fur properly, that and I have 5 yards which should be plenty for all but the biggest of tall person.

    It can be toony, real or semi real, ideally just paired with white but we can discuss adding another color. We would work together to come up with a design you love before I build including drawings of the plan.

    The price range for a digigrade suit would be $4800, more or less based on what is desired, with 20% needed as a non refundable down payment. I do allow payment plans of up to 6 months to retain the original price quote (after 6 months if not paid in full price may be subject to change) I allow payment plans to go on for 1 year total.

    email me at if interested

    First come first served :)
    Friday, March 20th, 2015
    1:28 pm
     photo tumblr_ncyfgy33FZ1svjpujo1_500.png photo Doubletail2.jpg photo Tiger Tail.jpg photo il_570xN.663089741_iqcd.jpg

    Spring Cleaning Sale! Up to 50% off the original price for select ears and tails in my shop!

    Visit for details! Ears are compatible with the Necomimi brainwave headset!
    Monday, March 16th, 2015
    11:50 am
    Dark green fur
    Anyone know where i can get dark green shag fur? Im aware of of the shag emerald, kelly, and olive, but im really looking for something much darker. Would anyone happen to have some they would be willing to part with or know where i can get some? I need at least 6 yards of it. Links and pictures would be greatly appreciated! :)
    Friday, March 13th, 2015
    8:26 am
    Looking for some short pile furs
    Hey, everyone! I'm looking for a few different furs for a project, and I figured I'd ask to see if anybody had some they'd like to get rid of before I order from a retailer or attempt some dyeing.

    I need:
    -about 2 yards of a light pink (like a baby girl pink)
    -about 1 yard of red (the more vibrant, the better)
    -a scrap piece of a royal blue hue (or close-ish) that is at least 15" by 15"

    Combos of scraps are okay, as the pieces I'll be cutting won't be very big themselves (I am just cutting a ton of them), I just do need a certain amount total. I won't be shaving down the fur, so if it is slightly poorer quality when shaved, that won't be an issue. Also, the less heavy the fur, the better (dense, plush fur would be wasted on this project; lesser quality is fine).

    Thanks for any help!
    Saturday, March 7th, 2015
    2:29 pm
    open for 4 custom airbrushed snow leopard tails!
    this size and shape, airbrushed in any color or pattern

    I need to teach my helper how to do more, I will make them a pattern for these tails to assure a proper size/shape and I will be doing the airbrushing, they will be doing the rest of the work under my supervision.

    since the work is not 100% my own they will be at a special price of $150 including shipping within the USA, paid in full up front.
    All 4 tails will be completed and mailed by mid April at the latest.

    I will only be taking only 4 at this time! First come first served!

    Email me at if interested
    Saturday, February 21st, 2015
    11:54 pm
    DVC Fursuit Parts Sale Jawsets, Tongues, Noses, Claws, Etc.
    Looking to sell these parts that I have sitting around. Got them from old bases re-purposed or purchased to see size comparison. Not really looking to haggle as most are non-defect and also pre-made (DVC has a 2-3 week waiting period). I will consider selling claws individually, but no less than 8/10 at a time as it would not be worth the gas money or time to sell them in a smaller amount.

    Paypal only, US only, buyer pays for shipping (NOT listed in cost below) will ship after receiving payment.

    Also, looking to buy a medium black silicone DVC K9 nose as well as pink/white snarly k9 jawset and tongue.

    List & Photos Below CutCollapse )
    Wednesday, February 18th, 2015
    12:06 pm
    Foam Headbases for sale!

    Finally finished setting up my Etsy shop and got listings made for the canine and feline headbases! These are not cut, they are straight-from-the-mold. If you would like one of them cut or made ready to fur, you will have to order them through FA for now.

    Etsy Shop:

    I have several of each base available to ship RIGHT NOW too!
    1:06 pm
    On FurBuy
    In case you missed it, the admin(s?) of FurBuy have been particularly nasty on their twitter account: Like, blatantly rude and mean and insulting. I urge you all to use The Dealer's Den furry actuion site instead, as I plan to. Even if FurBuy is (mostly) free, that kind of behavior is beyond inexcusable.

    Comments are disabled because I know the FurBuy admin checks this page periodically and last thing I need is him going off on me.
    Sunday, February 15th, 2015
    9:32 pm
    Custom Toony Leopard Fullsuit Slot up for Auction!


    Ladder Options!

    You can choose between:
    - Male or Female
    - Purple Leopard or Snow Leopard
    - Plantigrade or Digitigrade
    There are also extra features that can be added, as well.
    *** Construction on the suit will begin at the end of April 2015.
    Estimated date of completion will be September 2015. ***
    Price starts at 1525$.
    More info on the auction page. Go there, okay?
    See the auction right here:
    Saturday, February 14th, 2015
    10:53 am
    Sale Closed
    Sale Closed, thank you everyone.

    Hey all, I'm moving so it's likely I won't be making fursuits again any time soon. Therefore I'm doing some destashing.

    This sale will only be active for a little while. First come, first serve. Priority goes to those who email me at, then those who contact me via LJ, people contacting via facebook have lowest priority.

    What you see is what you get. No refunds, no returns because I will not be in the USA to process any of that. Payment must be made within 6 hrs so I can have everything shipped via USPS Priority by Monday. If payment is not made in six hours I will give to the next person in line. ABSOLUTE LATEST payment must be by Monday12pm EST. Will consider discount for more than one item.

    New items added - GraysCollapse )
    Friday, February 13th, 2015
    6:11 pm
    Toony Tiger Head (auction)

    More pictures can be found here:

    This auction is for a head only, no other parts will be made or included with this auction. This head was built with foam on a balaclava, it will comfortably fit a wearer with a head 25" or smaller (best for wearers 22 to 24). It features toony eyes, airbrushed stripes, custom soft minky tongue, semi-moving jaw, and sculpted teeth. Vision is a tad limited in the front due to the distance between the eyes, and ventilation on this head is excellent, the head is very soft and comfortable to wear.

    I will also Include a 2-sided fursuit bandanna by Fursonalities and a Button with this head (not pictured, sorry)

    Buyer pays shipping, i will ship anywhere. Reasonable payment plans only.(3 payments or less) Buyers must be 18 or older please. After the auction closes, the winner will have 48 hours to contact me and set up payment details before i relist the auction. Must be completely paid for before it will be shipped out to its new owner, no exceptions.

    Auction starts immediately, and will end on Tuesday February 17th at 9:00pm MST.(or one hour after the last bid was placed)
    To place a bid you must reply to the thread below, bids that are not placed on the correct thread will be hidden and disregarded. Bids must be at least $5 and must be even dollar values.

    I will be taking screenshots of each bid placed, if a bidder hides their bid after it's been placed, or refuses to pay the amount after the auction has closed, that bidder will be blocked from bidding on any future auctions. If you wish to place an anonymous bid, you may note me with the amount and I will place the bid for you. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
    4:30 pm
    Friday, February 6th, 2015
    1:39 pm
    Still badly needed, White Monkey/Gorilla shag. Will pay double!
    CeshionCo has me on their list of furs for their LA run but I was told by another member they were there like a week ago and saw none so I am not not hopeful :(

    The site I was lead to last time I posted looking for this fur turned out to be a lie as my order sat unshipped for a week and I called and confirmed they never had the fur in the first place!!!

    I need white badly.

    I can use ANY AMOUNT, even scraps as long as they are bigger than your hand.

    I am willing to pay double the online value for white monkey shag!

    I am also interested in the black but I am not as desperate for black and will pay normal price.

    PS if you are unsure if what you have is Monkey aka Gorilla shag: it is a 4 inch long bright white, it is best defined by its backing which is mesh with the fur applied like hair plugs. This is what the fur and its backing looks like
    Thursday, February 5th, 2015
    2:39 pm
    HELP! I need the old dye lot of Palomino fox!

    YEEEARG my CR Crafts order is here and the dye lot color changed by a lot!

    Thing is I have $150 worth of extra long nice NFT fur that matches the OLD DYE LOT! And No I cannot airbrush to match. I NEED the old color that matches the NFT for a customer!

    I Need 3 yards of the older not so bright fur. If you have less than 3 yards still contact me as I don't mind piecing together 3 yards from different people, I may also be able to make do with less than 3 yards (all I have is that tiny piece in the picture!)

    I can either buy it off you or trade you what I have of the new dyelot.

    PS I have contacted Mendel's Farout Fabrics for a sample of what they have. Does anyone else know of a place I can try? (besides USA Knit as they require 5 yard)
    Wednesday, February 4th, 2015
    10:15 am
    seeking: a rottweiler! (premade or comm)
    Searching for a premade Rottweiler head...maybe even a suit. Preferred realistic, not extremely toony. No 3d/follow-me eyes. Otherwise, I am game for what you have. (bonus if the head had red eyes). Also any premade brown handpaws with black claws is okay, but bonus if it has black claws.

    I am open to commissioning a head too...Basically what I described, a normal rott but with red eyes. Prefer realistic, with short pile fur to mimic a short haired dog. Static jaw, nothing special.

    My budget is approx $600 but could change if I like what you do.
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