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    Sunday, April 20th, 2014
    12:08 pm
    15% off Easter sale. is having a 15% off sale on select fabrics in the colors Pink, White, black and striped.

    Sale ends February 21st at midnight (4/21/2014 12PM EST).

    *Cross-posted to Fursuit*
    Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
    12:46 pm
    Looking to buy: 1 to 2 yards of Short Teddy Pooh fur.
    Just name your price. Really want to get my hands on at least 1 yard. and CrCrafts is backordered + they're apparently out at the mill they order from.

    Shipping to the US.

    Let me know! Thanks!
    9:57 am
    2 days left!

    Just 2 days left to bid on this amazing wolf head!

    "auction is for a head only, any other desired parts must be commissioned. Head was built on a DVC resin base with foam and a balaclava, it features a moving jaw, following eyes, custom nose and tongue, and detailed ears. Best fit for a head between 22-23" but it would fit someone smaller with a bit of extra padding.

    I will consider reasonable payment plans if needed, feel free to contact me about it. Payment through PayPal is preferred, though i will accept checks and money orders. Your head will not be shipped until it is completely paid for, and BUYER PAYS SHIPPING. (shipping to the US only please) The reserve MUST be met or i will relist the auction.

    Please contact me within 72 hours of the auction closing, sooner if possible, so we can set up any payment plans or exchange billing and shipping info. If for whatever reason you win and are unable to pay for the head, please still contact me and let me know so I can relist it."
    Sunday, April 13th, 2014
    1:18 pm
    Open for all types of fursuit commissions!

    Do you a fursona or character you absolutely love? How would you like to bring that character to life? Well, here's your chance to become that cute furball you've been drawing and dreaming about!

    What you will be receiving:
    A toony suit OR anime-style fursuit based off of your character. Head is built on balaclava and foam, made to fit your measurements!
    You also have a chance to choose a moving jaw, flowing hair, tattoos, and other things your unique fursona may be sporting!

    Things I can make with your suit:
    - Moving or static [non-moving] jaw
    - Following or non-moving eyes
    - Squeakers!
    - Hair
    - Sleeves [partial option only]
    - Claws
    - Markings/Tattoos
    - Horns/Antlers
    - XL tails

    I also offer payment plans!

    **I currently am NOT accepting reptilian or dragon suits at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience!**

    Feel free to ask questions! Message me for an accurate quote!

    To contact me off JL, here are some places to find me:

    Saturday, April 12th, 2014
    10:36 am
    Toony Canine Foam Base for sale
    I just recently finished up probably my favorite foam base I've ever made, but I didn't really have the time to go ahead and fur it so I decided to sell it here. I'm starting it at $100 plus shipping but may lower if it doesn't sell within the time I need it to be sold. If interested you can contact me here, my Deviantart (DragonGames), or my furaffinity (Dragonato). It does come from a home with dogs and a cat so keep that in mind if you have allergies. The balaclava is made from a bookcover, but that is the cheapest and easiest method I've come up with and works just as well.

    Collage Creator_20
    Friday, April 11th, 2014
    9:25 am
    Thursday, April 10th, 2014
    2:17 pm
    Small handpaws for sale!

    These were originally made for my sister's red cattle dog suit but they came out very snug, she can get her hands in them but they are just too snug to be comfortable.
    So please only bid you have small hands! These are just a touch too small for me and feel just as snug as the child size cosplay gloves I have, so if you fit a child size these would be perfect for you!

    The paw pads are silicone and are actually DVC dewclaw bits have I collected over the years (I don't use them on commissions) as well as the remaining palm pieces from the speckled paw set I posted the other day.

    they have no claws nor can resin claws be added for they were not built with embedded claws in mind. I can make and glue clay claws to the tips (for an additional $10) but they will not be as durable as resin and subject to possible paint chipping.

    The price is $90, well below the price for a custom pair.

    - - - - -

    I can make matching ears on a headband and a tail (using a different color fur) for the winner at an additional cost. This is a rare case where I have pre-made hands for sale and one cannot commission just hands from me, I am also otherwise closed for ears and tail at the moment, this is a special deal.

    Please note the fur used for these is rare and no longer made, I have enough left over to make ears but that is it!
    Monday, March 31st, 2014
    3:51 pm
    Rust NFT?
    Hey gang!
    Anyone have some scraps of red fox colored NFT for sale? I need just a little bit for accents on a head. Show me what ya got! Shipping will be to USA.
    Sunday, March 30th, 2014
    10:52 pm
    ESC's Art + Fur Salez~! White + Camel fur, Scraps, Fimo, Clay, Glue guns, Real tails, Body-Suit, ETC

    I also have dragon statues for sale on deviantart:

    Plantigrade Body Suit for sale (stretches a LOT! Fit me with a 50" hip but could not bend down wearing it because too tight for 50" hips): 34" chest, 34" waist, 36" hips
    Made from: Soft Teddy White (CR's Crafts)
    All white with a black Bolt marking.
    PM me for pics and details on the body if interested.
    Details from above photo under the cut + Larger image and prices!Collapse )

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    Saturday, March 29th, 2014
    9:14 pm
    Sphynx Cat Fursuit Head


    Made by myself

    Go HERE to bid!

    Friday, March 28th, 2014
    7:27 pm
    [clockmagic] Sale
    (I realize I've posted often when they have sale, if this is spammy or annoying I'll cease to do this.) is having a 15% off sale on their fabric.
    Their sales end March 31st at 12ET midnight.

    *cross-posted to Fursuit*
    12:57 pm
    Looking to buy Monster clay...
    I"m looking for a pack of the clay seen here:

    I don't need anything else from the site at the moment, so I don't meet the requirement of minimum order.
    Does anyone have a fresh pack laying around that they don't need?
    I will pay the same that's listed on their site as long as its not used.

    EDIT:  Forgot to add my email addy:

    Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
    5:29 pm
    Supplies and fursuit clearout part 2!
    Going through all the things I never wear or plan on working on anymore, just want em gone!

    I went through all my supplies to sort out what I didn't need anymore and now have a bunch of fur scraps, larger fur pieces, and even a couple other things to sell! I have cats so please keep that in mind! Everything will be sent out early next week and I do ship internationally. Please comment with your zipcode for a quote! I am open to haggling :)

    Sale can be found here!Collapse )
    Monday, March 24th, 2014
    4:11 pm
    Needed: DF Royal Blue Extra-Long Shag Fur
    Hello. I need approximately an 1/8th yard of DF Royal Blue Extra-Long Shag (or equivalent) to make the hair for a head. A 9" x 30" piece, with the fur running down the 9" side, if that makes sense. I will pay $10 total for the fur piece and First Class shipping to 19701, which should be no more than $4 from any location. Please let me know if you have the fur to spare. I can PayPal immediately. I'd rather buy from someone here than on Etsy because it's really, really marked up there for small quantities.

    Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
    3:18 pm
    Free Fur Scraps and Foam Scraps
    Exactly what it sounds like. A 5lb bag of fur scraps, both in natural and unnatural colors, and roughly 4lbs of foam scraps. The fur is mostly DF and CRs furs, and the foam has a couple large pieces of upholstery foam.

    Free to anyone who wants to pay shipping, or pick it up from Bear, Delaware. Give me your ZIP code and I'll calculate shipping. You can have either foam or fur or both. THANKS.
    Sunday, March 16th, 2014
    7:04 pm
    Selling Like-New White Hand Paws
    DF fur, appliqued fleece feline pawpads, shaved palms to fingertips, biased cuff. Measures 13" from cuff to outer tip of middle finger.

    Hoping to sell before FWA. $80 shipped anywhere Domestic US. I can do $70 FWA pick-up too but will require payment first & meeting time/place arranged.
    3:56 pm
    Bodysuit for sale $200 + shipping
    I have a Df orange and white bodysuit that I tried to sell before, but the pictures were very bad so I wanted to repost in hopes someone would buy it. It has NEVER been worn other than to try it on when I received it. will fit someone 5'4" and no more than 125 lbs. It's slightly baggy in the crotch area, but I did not make the suit I only fixed up the zipper and the leg seams.
    It also has some little wing markings on the back, but I'd be happy to provide a scrap of DF orange to redo it.


    Tuesday, March 11th, 2014
    7:09 pm
    Full Husky Fursuit (Sold)
     photo WP_20140228_020_zps91877266.jpg

    I am selling a one of a kind partially realistic husky fursuit with moving jaw, built with a resin base of my own design, it is light weight with great vision and has never been warn outside. (only been tried on for testing and sizing) The suit has a zip on the back and the tail is attached, I am going to add extra black and white faux fur with the fursuit. Serious bidders only, please pay within 72 hours using paypal only :), feel free to ask any questions!

    More pics:

    Video of the mask: :)

    For more information please visit: ^.^

     photo WP_20140228_049_zps6673d790.jpg
    Thursday, March 6th, 2014
    2:35 pm
    FOR SALE: Black-backed JACKAL Full Fursuit

    Jackal Full Fursuit for sale! This costume was made by me [] in 2010 and has been maintained very well by its owner since then. The paws and tail are made by the owner. This costume character is very popular and his new owner will definitely receive a LOT of attention wherever he goes! ;)

    The entirety of this costume is MACHINE WASHABLE -- and yes, that includes the head!!

    Costume features awesome 3D "follow me" eyes that are perfectly sized to insert a glowstick to create the glowing effect you see in the bottom photos! SO UNIQUE!

    Photos here were taken today, and accurately depict the costume in its current state.

    You can have him in time for FWA or BLFC!

    Please read on to find out how to make an offer and take this HANDSOME jackal home with YOU!

    More info on this awesome jackal fursuit!Collapse )

    Questions or want to make an offer? Email me at: jillcostumes[at]
    Monday, March 3rd, 2014
    3:37 pm
    Mendel's 25% off sale
    Mendel's is having a 25% off store wide sale. "The store-wide discount will be applied to all in-stock items. Cannot be combined with any other discounts. Offer valid in-store and online."
    Sale ends tomorrow.
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