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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
10:17 pm
Email for a Quote

Quotes are open from October 1-3rd this time! (A week is seriously too long)


Email me with a related subject title (example "Quote for red and black wolf halfsuit" "Quote for Rufus the blue dragon head" "Artistic liberty feline fullsuit")

Include links or attachments showing what you want, or give me a brief description.

I will email you back a copy-pasta with my ordering terms of sale and a full list of prices. At the bottom of this copy-pasta I will personally list the cost of things specific to your order.

You will copy that price list in your reply and delete all that you do not want, then email me back with the remaining/desired things from the list, and there you go, your quote and everything you need to know about ordering from me! And I have a neat tidy list of what you want for the fursuit which will help me later if I choose you.

If you can afford the quote and you want to be a new customer then you will be put on my list to choose from, I am only choosing 5-10 orders this time! If you do not hear back from me by Oct 10th then I am sorry, you were not chosen and must try again next time.

By Oct 5th those I choose will be contacted, I require the 30% down payment by Oct 10th otherwise your spot will be given to one of the runner-ups!

My email is thebeastcub@gmail.com

 - - - - -

Note: as a reminder I do not do the following and will not reply to emails for quotes concerning the following:
I do not do copyrighted anything aside from realistic natural looking animals (a white wolf can be Kiba or Morro for example)
The only stand alone item you can get is a head, for example you can get a head with hand paws but not just hand paws.
And I do not make "murrsuits"

PS I am not sure if I will be opening in July next year, I need to reevaluate when I open for new orders. This may be your last chance for a suit from me for a while.
Thursday, October 1st, 2015
12:12 am
Pitbull partial for sale!

Asking $1200. or OBO Please email icypawproductions@gmail.com for serious inquiries only.

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Sunday, September 27th, 2015
8:47 pm
Generic Timber Wolf Partial For Sale
Hello all! Long time lurker and hardcore furry! I have a generic timber wolf partial that needs a good home. All information is in the link. Don't know how to post pictures yet, so this is the best I can do.

Full Partial


Tail and feetpaws

Friday, September 25th, 2015
10:58 pm
Sloth Suit For Sale: CHEAP!
after a lot of thought, I've decided to let Bean go. I just don't feel connected to the character or suit and he's only been worn maybe a total of 45 minutes since I finished him. I want him to go to a new home where he'll be used more!
Some notes, he's not perfect. I will admit that right away, the head and body are a bit on the tight side. He was made over a year ago as a personal project. Right now I just want to get him into a new home and to clear up space for new projects so I'm reflecting that in the price!
Asking $400 plus shipping. That includes everything pictured! I will accept small/short payment plans but I need at least 30% as a down payment.
-built on a balaclava
-great ventilation through the eyes and mouth.
-Fits a 22" head(mines 21" and I can wear glasses with it too)
-Custom, 3D printed claws
-Wrist length
-"Mitten" style, no fingers, just slips right over the whole hand
-Built on a pair womens size 6/7 canvas shoes
-Fits 5'2" roughly 140lbs(my size) will fit smaller, maybe slightly larger but it's a little tight in the butt area. Can easily be taken in for anyone smaller!
More pictures of the hands and feet can be found here! http://s1105.photobucket.com/user/w...../library/Sloth
If anyone has an questions let me know!

Also posted to my FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17739164/
9:20 pm
DVC Feetspads/handpads plus FREE schampa balaclava and DVC tongue
I need the money for my phone by tomorrow so I'm making a deal. If you purchase both the feetpads http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17785293/ $30 and the handpads http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17754680/ 20$, I'll include the matching tongue http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17754701/ AND balaclava http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17754756/ FREE.
Comment if you're interested, I really appreciate it!
5:21 pm
For Sale Make Offer

Fits 5'4" 135 pounds size 7.5 shoe

A collaboration between me and my sister made a few years ago, worn only twice, been collecting dust.

Suit has a few concerns with the paws: the pawpads on the feet were painfull and my sister half removed them, has been using matching fur covered boots instead which will be included. One hand has black fake leather pawpads sewn in while the other does not. Wrists and ankles are not perfect.

I need to hinge the jaw better before it is rehomed, and the black mark at the corner of the one eye might be removed to preserve the character for my sister, said change will be agreed upon before money changes hands.

We are hoping to get at least $950 for her

Will require $250 up front, 3 months to pay the rest

email thebeastcub@gmail.com
Thursday, September 24th, 2015
6:32 pm
premade tails and hand paws for sale

All prices include shipping within the lower 48 states, shipping will be $5-$40 more based on your location.

yard/meter stick for size reference (these are all pretty big)

email thebeastcub[at]gmail.com to purchase

first come first served, no holds


Demon hound with plastic spikes, features "invisible belt loop" (belt not included, just there to show how it works) $110

Extra large lavender canine, features "invisible belt loop" (belt not included) $140

Frosted gray large canine tail, nylon loops, $130

medium gray fox, elastic loops, $85

large airbrushed blue striped lavender tiger, nylon loops, $130

large airbrushed curved gray tiger, nylon loops, $150

small pink canine, nylon loops, $70

medium airbrushed wolf/coyote, nylon loops, $100

 - - - - -
Hand Paws

Neither have pawpads or claws. The brown/white set have claw slits cut into them (can be sewn shut)

The pink were for Butterbean but the color did not match and airbrushing did not help. Fits small to average hands.

The brown were for an upcoming project we changed from toony to semi-real. Fits average to large hands.

$80 each set including shipping within the USA (that is one third the commission price!)

Email to purchase thebeastcub@gmail.com

The black hands were made by Artslave and include fleece pawpads and clay claws, the fur is black with brown airbrushed highlights, claws are copper colored. Fits small to average hands. $150 including shipping within the USA

The brown hands were meant for my sister's cattle dog suit but there came up small. They have silicone pawpads by DVC, no claws. Since they will only fit small hands and thus limits who can buy them, and since the fur is rare and discontinued, they are being sold for a low low price of $100 (one third the cost of commission!) this price includes shipping and includes the matching hair clip ears for free.

Email to purchase thebeastcub@gmail.com
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
10:13 am
Open For Feline Tail Commissions

Same size and general shape pictured above, airbrushed in any color or pattern

My helpers owe me money and so they will be making the tails. They will be using a premade pattern I made to assure a proper size/shape and I will be doing the airbrushing, they will be doing the rest of the work under my supervision.

These are the tails from the last time I had my helpers do production for me http://lilleahwest.deviantart.com/art/First-of-the-Four-Tails-522167250 this batch of tails will be this exact size and shape.

Since the work is not 100% my own they will be at a special price of $150 including shipping within the USA, paid in full up front. $130 for a solid color with no airbrush work. I will not be doing sewn markings at this time (note that light on dark colors generally cannot be properly airbrushed) Shipping outside the USA will be $5-$20 more depending on location.

Email me at thebeastcub@gmail.com if interested
Thursday, September 10th, 2015
10:20 am
Now Open for new Projects!
I just thought I would let everyone here know By Bunny Fursuits is now open for new projects :D


I've got one more slot left!!
Prices listed are base prices, add ons will made the final price go up.
Tails: $45+
Heads: $550+
Partials: $825+
Fullsuits: $1450+
Feet: $200+
Gloves: $80+

Other places to follow me -

Saturday, August 29th, 2015
4:06 pm
Destash Post #3
Second to last post, here we go!

I am moving overseas for an extended period of time, therefore it's time for a major destash. Since there will be a lot of items, I'll be splitting the sale into more than one post. If you want to buy from more than one post, I can hold off calculating on shipping until the end of the sale. This is the second to last post.

Because I will be leaving the USA sometime in September (thanks, visa purgatory), I can't accept returns or exchanges. Everything posted is sold as-is. I am open to giving a discount for those who would like to purchase multiple items. All irregular pieces of fur are measured exclusive of any cuts.

Priority goes to people who contact me via email. My email is foxfairy@gmail.com

Paypal only, to foxfairy@gmail.com

Previous Posts
http://fursuitauctions.livejournal.com/3335762.html 1, one piece of 4, and 5 are still available!
http://fursuitauctions.livejournal.com/3333201.html ticked fur is still available! make me an offer!

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Thursday, August 27th, 2015
9:59 pm
Various fur & supplies for sale
Clearing out some stuff I no longer need or have room for! I am willing to haggle and I do have 2 cats for allergy warnings.

Prices do not include shipping unless stated otherwise!

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Monday, August 24th, 2015
4:57 pm
looking to buy: long brown NFT fur ASAP
<s>I was going to order 1.5 square feet of the darkest stock lion mane color, but they told me it's out of stock and would be 3-4 weeks to have it made, and communication on an alternative has been bad and it's bugging me since I am in a bit of a rush.

I need a medium to dark brown, even black would suffice, the fur fibers must be at least 4 inches long (the longer the better) it must be thick and lush not sparse, and it cannot be that soft wispy texture some forms of NFT furs can have.

I will pay full price plus shipping plus an extra $10 if the NFT you have suits my needs.
I may also be able to get away with less than 1.5 square feet or can piece together various browns.

If you think you have something I can use please email me a picture and how much you paid or it, my email is thebeastcub@gmail.com</s>

I take back what I said about communication as they got back to me to inform me all lion mane furs are out of stock but gave me photos of all the long browns they have on hand with multi views of each and thus the reply just took longer to do than normal and OMG love the customer service at NFT, they keep proving themselves in the end.
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
4:24 pm
SOLD // Lots of cheap foam for sale! [UK]

Hi there,

I'm moving on from making fursuits with foam, as I now work solely with resin, so I'm looking to sell off what leftover foam I have- and there's plenty of it! Most of it is 1/2 inch but there is also a good amount of 1 and 2 inch, and all of it is high density. It's mostly scraps- meaning that some parts are going to have rough edges, be in unusual shapes, and one piece has a slight discolouration (nothing wrong with it, foam just does that over long periods of time due to moisture in the air).



As I really just need to clear up the space it's taking up in my house right now, so I'm looking to get rid of it asap and I will consider selling off smaller amounts to different people if you don't want all of it. You could really get a bargain price here, but what I'm looking for is around £25 for everything. I will consider offers though.

UK shipping for the lot is about £10. Shipping may or may not be slightly cheaper for smaller amounts.
I can't ship internationally because it would cost way too much for a package this size.

Any questions please just ask. :)

Thursday, August 20th, 2015
1:50 pm
Destash Post 2 - Grays
I am moving overseas for an extended period of time, therefore it's time for a major destash. Since there will be a lot of items, I'll be splitting the sale into more than one post. If you want to buy from more than one post, I can hold off calculating on shipping until the end of the sale. There will be one more sales post.

Because I will be leaving the USA at the beginning of September, I can't accept returns or exchanges. Everything posted is sold as-is. I am open to giving a discount for those who would like to purchase multiple items.

Priority goes to people who contact me via email. My email is foxfairy@gmail.com

Paypal only, to foxfairy@gmail.com

Check out my previous post-
The ticked brown fur, DF purple and DF lavender are all still available! I'll reduce the price to $30 for all of the purple and lavender if they're taken together!
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Thursday, August 13th, 2015
10:56 am
Resin casting + sculpting supplies for sale!
Selling the remainder of my sculpting and casting supplies. I've listed prices and more info on my FA page! These supplies were used in making resin mask blanks.


Monday, August 10th, 2015
10:08 pm
Major Destash Sale #1
I am moving overseas for an extended period of time, therefore it's time for a major destash. Since there will be a lot of items, I'll be splitting the sale into more than one post. If you want to buy from more than one post, I can hold off calculating on shipping until the end of the sale.

Because I will be leaving the USA at the beginning of September, I can't accept returns or exchanges. Everything posted is sold as-is. I am open to giving a discount for those who would like to purchase multiple items.

Priority goes to people who contact me via email. My email is foxfairy@gmail.com

Paypal only, to foxfairy@gmail.com
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Sunday, August 9th, 2015
7:41 pm
Feline head base for auction!
Hey there!

Auctioning a one-of-a-kind hard carved feline head base - no molds or patterns used. I do not accept commissions for my head bases or offer them for sale normally, so this is a rare opportunity!



Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
12:04 pm
Commissions open!

Open for all commissions. Terms of service, and price guide found here. http://nevask.livejournal.com/5504.html Have any questions? Feel free to comment below.
Monday, July 27th, 2015
9:57 am
Male Jungle Kirin For Sale to be completed as fullsuit

I *thought* I had found a customer for the male kirin (the one with the beard) but it turns out they were still too small for the bulk of this head. I need to find someone in the 6 feet/2 meter tall range.

Okay, so, the "Male" head turned out too large for my 4 foot 11 inch tall customer so I made a second head, modding the first to be a male.
The original customer of this full artistic liberty costume is aware of this and is fine with this, excited to maybe one day run into the suit's "cousin" at a con.

I need to find a customer for the male head, to assure the head looks the right size they need to be in the 5 foot 5 inch to 6+ foot tall range, and not be too overweight and yet also not built like a twig (unless you are up to the extra cost of body padding to bulk up your build) upper body padding like the Tropical Jungle Kirin will likely be required.

This is for a fullsuit only, the body for the female looks like this http://lilleahwest.deviantart.com/art/Female-Jungle-Kirin-473912467 the tropical jungle kirin looks like this http://lilleahwest.deviantart.com/art/Tropical-Jungle-Kirin-549279895 so these will give you a good idea on the outcome of the rest of the costume.

The head has removable horns, wiggle ears, a cooling fan, realistic animal eyes, a detailed nose and mouth, and an NFT beard (that long rust fur costs $60 a square foot!). The eyelids are set different left to right for a change in expression from friendly to sly from one side to the other, from a front view he has a skeptical expression.
The body will have removable digigrade les, airbrushing, braided wire core tail that sways and bounces as you move, hand made tail ring jewelry, cloven hoofs, hands with finger tip paw pads and claws.

This costume now comes with a FREE TAIL. It is a fully poseable lion style tail that bounces and sways as you walk.

The start price is $3300, a hefty discount from the commission price of just over $4000 due to the head already being made and the tail being free. I would need 20% as a nonrefundable deposit (normally 30%) with 9 months to pay off the rest (I normally allow 6 months)

If interested in owning the male Kirin please email me at thebeastcub@gmail.com
Saturday, July 25th, 2015
5:05 pm
Golden Tiger Partial For Sale!

Original submission here:

So I'm wanting to buy/commission another fursuit so I'm selling Peanut Butter!
I'm currently taking offers over $350 and will not include postage/shipping in this price!

She was made by Shengoh and has had two previous owners, but has been taken very well care of!
I have only worn her outside once and inside for no longer than 10 minutes each time. She has been brushed after being used.

She comes with:
- Fursuit head, fits 23 inch head with lots of room
- Long feline tail with airbrushed and sewn markings
- Handpaws made for medium/karge hands (currently stuffed with foam for a plushy appearence!)
- US size 8 feetpaws
- 55 pieces of art (including icons, badges, commissioned work and fanart)

You can find pictures of her being worn in my gallery here:

You can find ALL of her artwork here:

You can see the original submission by Shengoh here:

Just wanted to mention the suit is in WONDERFUL condition but does have a few minor issues. The maker/last seller failed to inform me that the suit has a little bit of uneven shaving in places which isn't very noticable and a few little holes in places, which I will fix to the best of my ability. I don't own a shaver but I will sew any holes I find that need to be fixed! I have given the suit a new set of eyebrows and a new nose because the old ones weren't in the best of the condition. I've also refurred the dark brown nose stripe as the previous one wasn't great so once she has a new home, I will sew/glue it down if the buyer requests it be done. :)
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